Our team is happily fitting, altering, and steaming your child’s costume(s) and accessories! All costumes will be available to take home in your child’s regular classes beginning the final week of April. Please watch for exciting updates!

Before the Theater Week:

Because we know our families are busy, we take care of the details for you! Each costume is inspected, tried on your dancer, and fitted by our professional team. We have completed each required alteration, such as strap adjustments and skirt waistbands so that you don’t have to worry about a thing! We invite you to try on costumes in advance to assure there are no further concerns before the big week.

Our goal is to remove the stress so that you can soak up the milestone moments of our lovable dancers. If you find you need a seamstress for pant hems or other dancewear fitting needs, please let us know and we will connect you with a skilled and reputable helper!

Excited dancers may want to try them on for you! Please take extreme care to see that they are returned to the bag in the same condition we send them home for you. If the costume is damaged or stained, we will not be able to provide a replacement. We have carefully steamed each one so that parents need only touch up with steam as needed. We have made any necessary alterations to see that it fits each dancer to be ready for photos, rehearsals, and the big day!

Hairpieces will be attached or zipped into the zippered garment bag. Please keep them with the costume at all times, and remember to return them to the safety of the bag after photos or rehearsal so that they are ready for performance!

Costume Care before the performance:

Costumes may need additional steaming, but please do not iron them. We cannot replace damaged or melted costume parts. Costumes may be hung in a steamy bathroom to release any wrinkles prior to photos or performances. If wrinkles persist, using a professional steamer is recommended. Please write your dancer’s name with a fabric marker on an inside tag, so that if your dancer and costume are separated, they can be happily reunited! As always, written names inside shoes will be helpful.

Performance Day:

Core A & B Dancers who are in ONE dance may plan to wear their costume to the theatre this year. Please carry dance shoes to wear onstage only. Dancers who are in the first half will report backstage first. Dancers in the 2nd half will report backstage at intermission.

For dancers who are in TWO or MORE dances: Do not wear costumes to the theatre. Bring them to check-in and we will place costumes in the backstage prep areas for convenient performance changing. Dancers who are in the first half will report backstage first. Dancers in the 2nd half will report backstage at intermission. When the performance is over, your costumes will be waiting for you to be collected.

Dancewear, Shoes & Uniform notes:

The Dance Shoppe at 230 Main Street has an abundance of dress code supplies in stock! Here’s a handy checklist of required items you may want to make sure you have on hand now, to avoid last-minute shopping stress or outages.

Click Here to Order Online!

  1. Ballet shoes (not slippers or plastic imitations from a store like Target or Wal-Mart.)
  2. New pink tights for ballet students.
  3. Tap, jazz, or hip hop shoes as specified in the class dress code.
  4. Nude leotard for any fast costume changes for lyrical, jazz, and modern.

Note: No undies will be necessary under costumes, as they visibly protrude and tights are designed to be worn without them. A nude camisole leotard is handy for dancers who have more than a single full costume change, as it provides for modesty in changing and is essential for multiple quick changes.

Hair, Glasses, Masks, and Make-up:

Performance hair is sleek and chic!

All ladies will need hair pulled back off the face into a sleek ballet bun. Gentlemen who have long hair will need a single neat braid for performance. No bangs, full curls, beads, color stripes, or messy hair, please. We recognize that short hairstyles may require tiny braids, in order to keep hair tidy. Dippity Do or related hair gel products will keep hair contained with no loose strands.

Hair, make-up, tights, headpieces, and costumes are part of a uniform standard for dancers.

We value childhood and value makeup that is age-appropriate. Because the stage lighting washes out faces your dancer will need a little skin-toned powder or foundation, blush, and bright pink-toned lipstick. Mascara and a little liner bring out those beautiful eyes.

Do: Apply stage makeup with a little warm foundation to keep faces from fading under bright lights, with pink or red tone lipstick and blush on the cheekbone. Use a light nude or ivory shadow across the lid and a darker brown tone in the crease. Mascara and a bit of eyeliner will draw out eyes for a finishing touch! See our tutorials below.

Avoid: Peach/brown tones in lipstick and blush. Due to lighting glare, please do not wear glasses onstage unless absolutely necessary. Just like Disney, please avoid wearing any nail polish, loose glitter, or jewelry.

We are leaving this decision to each family, as well as all audience members.


Optional Costume Add-Ons:

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